I Corinthians 5:17 "If anyone has entered into fellowship with Christ, a new world has at once opened up to him;an old world has passed away..."-Stanley "...(there is) a new creation in the heart of that man...he is brought as it were into another world,and is himself quite a different creature than he was before."-Doddridge "When anyone is united to Christ there is a new world; the old order has gone,and a new order has already begun."-New English Translation

This is a special place for me to show you special poems,quotes songs,and thoughts I have found inspiring.I hope to someday post some works of my own when I have the time.

                     Clenched Fists

                   In the sight of God,
                I close up,clench my fists
             Not to give in to my temptations,
              To give in is to surrender all my
               Hate,My anger and my pain
    To lose control,give him my power,my control.
     Which is slowly uncontrollably slipping away
        My fists grow tighter,sweatier,angrier
                 Jesus waits, is patient
             as I'm slowly losing control.
        He approaches,holds me comforts me,
          Jesus cares for me! He understands!
              he feels my sorrow, my pain,
                        He listens,
                   then I learn to listen
                  My palms slowly open
                     He is in control

                             By:Lisa McNeil


"I do not know how it may please God to give you the quiet of mind that you need, but I tell you that I believe it is to be had;and, in the meantime, you must go on doing your work,trusting in God,even for this!"-George MacDonald

1. God's Redeeming Action Calling Everyone
2. God's Ransom Applied Cleansing Efficiently
3. Guilt Removed And Cleansed Entirely
4. Goodness Received Affecting Change Everlasting
5. God's Returning Approach Causes Embrace

          Truth Unseen
          And can it be that in our time,
          We fathom out the truth unseen,
          When meaning seems to ebb away,
          From every place where truth has been?
          And shall the dream of life divine,
          Now brightly shine,or cease to thrill,
          When some in fear build fortress high,
          Above earth's deep confusion still?

          Bring me the verb of blazing grace!
          Bring me the noun as yet unknown!
          Bring me a sign! O life retrace!
          Bring flame from all life is thrown!
          I shall not rest from question's frown,
          Nor answer smile 'til earth embrace;
          And every fear is molten down,
          When earth sees glory's hidden face.      
          Now this the wisdom, this the song,
          This the hope shall free our age,
          For this the way all journey long,
          Released from ancient scripture's page.
          This truth indwells! This grace invades!
          This voices invites- Come,hope inhale!
          Come earth, live now in Christ's own breath,
          Christ's presence shines beneath earth's veil.
                         Giles David, Copyright 1997                                                     


                    The Shadow of Your Face

        I will live my life in the shadow of Your lovely face,
  I will lift my voice to extol Your tender mercy and Your grace.              
            I cannot live without your love oh Lord,
             I cannot breathe without your breath,
            I cannot sing without your song oh Lord
                  Ringing deeply in my breast.

ch.      Where can I go from Your presence Lord?
              You are with me all of my days. women:(all of my days)
          In my deepest despair to the highest place
           I will remain in the shadow of Your face.

Women:    (Where can I go without You Lord?)

Men:                (In the shadow)

Women:     (Where can I go without You Lord?)

Repeat verse and chorus.

Women:      (Where can I go without You Lord?)

Men:        (I will remain here Lord)

Women:       (How can I live without You Lord?)

          I cannot live without your love oh Lord,
           I cannot breathe without Your breath,
         I cannot sing without Your songa oh Lord
               Ringing deeply in my breast.
Repeat chorus.

Women:      (Where can I go without you Lord?)

Men:        (Where can I go Lord?)

Women:       (How can I live without You Lord?)

Men:                   (Jesus)

-Author unknown

"If you have trouble falling asleep,stop counting sheep and talk to the shepherd."-Roy L.Smith

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